Industrial-quality, fiberglass pressure filters that are specifically designed for a wide range of water treatment and industrial processes using “dual media” filter technology.

With dual media filtration, the upper layer of the media provides “in-depth” filtration and large dirt storage capacity.

The finer sand in the bottom of the filter (with its low uniformity co-efficient) remains largely unpolluted and is available to provide very effective filtration.

By remaining relatively clean, the sand’s layer’s dependence upon backwashing is also reduced. Similarly, the chance of the bottom sand layer becoming biologically corrupt is greatly reduced.

Features at a glance:-

  • Vertical tank offering a 1200mm bed dual media filter bed.
  • Equally suitable for mono-sand and other granular filter medias
  • Standard fitments include media dump port, screen drain, vent, vacuum breaker, lifting lugs, etc.,
  • Extensive product range with single filters providing up to 7m2 of effective filter area
  • Hydraulic balance internals using injection moulded laterals
  • Simple to operate with a choice of backwash methods.