• “Flow Range” is based on a design rate of 15 to 42 m3/hr/m2 – filter rates will vary according to application
  • Nominal backwash duration is 3 to 5 minutes – Refer to CGF for possible backwash methods and details.
  • “Filter Media” requirements are nominated for a dual media application with:-
        (a) Bottom Layer of Silica Sand – 600mm deep (0.7mm to 0.8mm with an SG of 2.65) and
    (b) Top Layer of Hydro-anthracite – 600mm deep (1.7mm to 2.0mm with an SG of 1.5)
    Other bed compositions (including mono sand) are possible with changes to the media requirements.
  • For filter beds greater than 1200mm deep – refer to Model No VCF filters
  • FRP vessels are “contacted moulded” as a monolithic structure with reinforced entry & exit ports.
  • Standard Test Pressure is 350kPa – higher test pressures are available.
  • Model specific data sheets/sales outlines are available upon request.
  • Dimensions are not to be used for construction or installation, unless certified for this purpose by CGF
  • Details may be subject to change without notice and are for reference only.