series is specifically designed as a Vertical Column Filter. Whilst a VCF can also be used as a contact tank (for ozone processes) its primary purpose is for “chemical filtration”.

Given a clear understanding of the application, just about every conceivable requirement can be accommodated with a well engineered fiberglass vessel. Whilst important (& often critical) fiberglass is not only selected for it corrosion resistance; other features such as strength, relative lightweight construction and high abrasion resistance will provide significant cost savings and benefits.

Being manufactured from selected resins systems, the VCF series offers a totally non-corrosive solution for a wide range of processes and applications.

Features at a glance

  • Wide range of sizes with single vessels providing tank volumes of up to 17.8 cubic meters
  • Standard fitments include internal opening access hatches, media dump port, screen drain, vent, vacuum breaker, lifting lugs, etc.,
  • May be used as an upflow or downflow filters with an extensive range of filter internals
  • Simple to operate with a choice of backwash methods.