The non-corrosive and cost effective solution for all sorts of :-

  • Swimming pools & recreational water
  • Industrial applications and process
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
Not all fiberglass horizontal filters are created equal. Since the release of CGF’s first fiberglass filter in 1967, our product range has been continually refined and expanded. Although our success (in hundreds of varied installations) has periodically attracted several look-a-like products, these imitations commonly lack the parallel flow and the hydraulic balance that is unique to the MHS series.If water quality, low purchase costs, and minimum maintenance are important to you, the MHS series is worthy of your consideration. It will consume less plant space & provide more value for your filter dollar. It is also used by most pool professionals & commonly specified by accredited Consultants

Features at a glance:-

  • Parallel flow with precise control of velocity & water balance.
  • High backwash rates without the loss of filter media
  • Large dirt holding capacity utilizing the depth of the filtering media
  • Built tough to known engineering standards & references
  • Tried & proven in some of Australia’s harshest outback conditions
  • Extensive product range with single filter providing up to 7.25m2 of effective filter area
  • Single lever backwash valves available for all filters up with up to 3.5m2 of filter area
  • Technically superior & patented technology (FloModuLata™)
  • Transportable, easy to install & simple to operate with a choice of backwash methods
  • Australian-made with local technical & engineering support