Backwash Products
A CGF filter plant can be manually operated to provide simple and economical performance. It can also be an elaborate, fully automatic system that is customized to suit specific requirements.

CGF’s single lever valve is designed to reduce the chance of Operator error and to simplify the backwashing process. The equipment is simple, sturdy and effective.

In the “lock-down” position, the valve is the normal “filter mode”. When backwashing is required, simply stop the pump, unlock the valve and raise the backwash lever. This changes the normal “downflow” operation into an upward backwash flow that will effectively expand the filter bed and remove the collected solids.

Single lever valves are available in two sizes (either 100mm or 150mm). The single lever valve can also be automated if so required.

The ELBATROL controller continually monitors and automatically controls the operation of your CGF filter.

When a predetermined pressure rise is detected, the ELBATROL controller will automatically initiate a planned backwash process. After backwashing the first filter, the controller will scroll through the program and progressively backwash any remaining filters.

The whole backwashing process is subject to extensive management. Failure to reduce the system’s pressure (after the backwash operation) will activate a second, then a third attempt. After the third attempt, the ELBATROL will automatically shut down the system and display an alarm. A programmable timer is also included so that backwashing can occur at times that suit you. Connections are also provided to start & stop the pump at predetermined times. For this option, it is strongly recommended that the pump be equipped with a softer starter or other approved device.

The ELBATROL control system includes the following:-
  • Polycarbonate Enclosure
  • PLC (for up to 8 filters)
  • Valve Control Relays
  • Adjustable PD Switch.
  • Common alarm relays.
  • Flashing alarm beacon.
  • Audible Alarm.
  • Push button manual override.
  • Time clock for backwash
  • Main power switch.
  • Conduit electronics and fittings.
  • PLC software
  • Internal Wiring & Terminals
  • Fully workshop test.
  • Data CAD drawings
  • Operational manuals.
  • Project Specific Information