CGF has been a leader in the design and manufacture of granular filter systems for over three decades. We have established a culture that is founded on manufacturing excellence and superior technical support. We pride ourselves on all CGF filters being easy to install, simple to operate, and above all, reliable.

CGF manufactures a wide range of filtration for water and wastewater treatment and are able to support their products with a high level of technical expertise.

This expertise enables us to provide cost-effective solutions to most water quality problems in a diverse number of Industries. The commercial swimming pool Industry is a key area of expertise.

Our ability to serve a diverse number of Industries is based on strong commitment to provide appropriate equipment in a timely fashion and to furthermore, to support that equipment well after the sale.

CGF are committed to Research & Development and through this approach we have developed many exciting new products and filter processes that have placed us at the leading edge of applied technology.

Our commitment to R & D is no better demonstrated than our patented FloModuLata™ that is used in many of our pressure filters.

CGF Filters are manufactured from non-corrosive and non-toxic materials that are suitable for chemical processes as well as fresh and or salt water applications.

CGF are proudly made in Australia. We can supply standard manufactured products and or custom-made equipment plant. Where required we can also supply pre-engineered and shop-fabricated equipment.